Mount Snowdon

Idwal Series

Snowdon Railway 600x600

Chapter Three

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he afternoon had not gone well. A lady from Social Services had spent an hour interviewing Cadell at the Police Station before deciding he should be placed into care until his parents or a relative was contacted. The youth protested both vocally and physically, and it took two police officers to bundle him into the car. He shouted to Seth to intervene, but what was the old shepherd to do? He was hardly in a position to intervene, living on his own near the top of Llanberis Pass.
That evening, seeking solace in a pint of Robinson’s best bitter, he sat in the snug of the Vaynol Arms in Nant Peris, staring into the embers of the log fire. Two of the locals tried to pull the old man out of his brown study by suggesting he join them at there table, but he was having none of it. He kept mulling over how strange young Cadell seemed, like a fish out of water, an anomaly in many ways. The cloths he wore, he could have stepped straight out of a folk museum. He apparent inability ti converse in the Queen’s English; was that genuine for was he some member of Plaid Cymru, intent of preserving Welsh culture in the extreme? So many everyday things, taken for granted, seemed to be completely new to the youth. Seth glanced down at Llywelyn, who lay at his feet. One time Champion at the Welsh National Sheep Dog Trials; smart dog she was. “What do you make of it all boy?” he asked.
The collie replied by wagging its tail.
In the background a telephone rang. Elidir, the landlord shouted, “Seth; it;s for you. “PC Collins is on the ‘phone. Something about a missing boy!”Fleuron 1 90x35

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