The Den

lions den 600x600

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here comes a time for most households when they outgrow their homes. Some solve the problem by moving to larger premises. Others choose to add an extension. For me, moving was out of the question. My wife and I loved the house we lived in; we had been there for fifteen years. It might be old, with high ceilings, and thick walls, but despite the draughts from the windows, the open coal fires gave the place a warmth; a cosy, friendly feel.

Our three children were born there. As they grew up we watched them expanding from their own bedrooms, to demand first a nursery, then a playroom, later a music room. Now teenagers, they wanted their own self-contained space, where they could entertain their friends without the encumbrance of parents. So it was that the attic was converted, and became known as ‘The Penthouse’. The only problem was, prior to the change, I had been using it as my own private study, so solving one problem had created another.

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