The Princess And The Bear

Princess and Bear

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ong ago, in a far off land not shown on any chart or map, there lived a beautiful princess with deep brown eyes. Deep sad eyes which never saw the magnificent blooms of red roses bordering the garden in which she walked everyday. She never smiled. She never walked with a skip in her step. A sad, sad princess.
Her only friend was a big brown bear, which her father, the King, kept in a private zoo within the palace grounds. Secretly she would visit the bear, and when no body was watching, set him free from his cage so they could go for walks together.
One day, whilst they were walking, the princess confided in the bear the reason why she was so sad. The bear listened, his head on one side.

“You know, Teddy; I do believe you understand every word I say. What do you think? Shall I ever find happiness?” The bear just paused a moment in his stride, but said nothing. “You are such a sweetie,” declared the princess. “I could kiss you.”

And she did.

Teddy did not turn into a handsome prince, as one might expect if this were a true fairly tale. He simply put a paw of the girl’s arm and drew her attention to the flowers.
“Oh, Teddy…”

There was a loud scream from the tower. Followed by the echoing voice of her mother shouting, “Guards! Guards! To the garden quickly! A bear is loose. The princess is in mortal danger of her life!”
There was a scurry of rushing boots and soldiers of the royal bodyguard ran as fast as they could to the rescue.

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